5 Youtube channels for learning English

, by The English Room

Youtube is a great resource for English learners, but sometimes there’s so many videos out there that it’s hard to find the most effective channels for learning English. Check out our blog post to find out our top 5 recommended Youtube channels for English learning.

Meet our teachers: Sarah Anagnostou

, by The English Room

We’re happy to welcome Sarah to our teaching team. Originally from Minneapolis, USA, she moved from Berlin to Leipzig to be closer to nature and to live in a more manageable city. In our interview with her we ask how she learnt German and also about how she motivates her students.


5 easy ways to improve your English in 2018!

, by The English Room

Apart from coming to regular English classes at The English Room what else can you do outside English class to improve your English? This is a question that I often get asked by my students, and here you can find my top 5 tips that are easy to adopt and will give you great results!

Sprachkolumne „Der große Idiom Slam“

, by The English Room

Sprachkolumne „Der denglische Patient“ Lass uns zu Potte kommen – let us come to the potty? Mit Redewendungen ist es nicht immer so einfach. Deshalb trifft sich Peter Littger heute mit Ian Johnston aus dem English Room in Leipzig zu einem besonderen Schlagabtausch: Dem „Redewendungen-Slam“. Spiegel Online Video Idiom Slam